The process of creating a watercolor painting demands tremendous patience and discipline. You build a painting – layer by layer – using thin veils of low-valued glazes that take advantage of a watercolor’s incredible light. The time-consuming process is challenging, rewarding, and at times, magical.

Teaching others the watercolor process is highly rewarding as well. You cannot rush a watercolor – because there’s nowhere to hide within this medium. Unlike oils and acrylics that allow you to cover up mistakes or turn them into something new, the transparency of watercolors reveals your every move to the viewer. This can be daunting to new and experienced painters alike. But if you can embrace the process as meditational, you will fall in love with the luminosity and magic.



Student Testimonials

"Scott Mulholland is such an awesome teacher! He makes the class fun, educational and interesting."

"I can't imagine a better instructor. Scott is first rate. He's patient and very willing to go above and beyond to help us all learn."

"I learned many new techniques in watercolors. Scott is extremely patient and understanding of his students. This was a highly enjoyable workshop."

"I loved this class! I learned several simple new techniques in watercolors. I haven't painted in 50 years and now I'm motivated to continue on to have fun working in this medium. We need more of this kind of class and great instructors like Scott."

"This was a wonderful new experience. It was great fun to learn that I could actually produce something that was pleasing to look at. Thank you for this exciting opportunity!"

"Scott is a great teacher! He explains so well and keeps the technical language simple. I have had the light bulb come on many times through these classes after so many years without drawing or painting anything. His classes are motivating!"

"Scott is an amazing instructor and person. He is so willing to share information and constructive critique."  

"Wow! Scott is a wonderful instructor with incredible patience with all of us. I learned so much, and I never knew how much I loved watercolors until taking his class."







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student testimonials





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